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You deserve an exceptional selling experience

LUX Estates is designed to give you a personal and exclusive selling experience.

We specialise in the sale of truly luxurious, high end property to a very select group of property buyers and sellers.

About us

At LUX, we’re far more interested in hearing about you, but we’re aware you’ll want to know a little about how we work.

Each property listed with LUX has a bespoke marketing package using cutting-edge technology.

All of our experienced agents work exclusively with their own clients. Very simple, but very effective when it comes to selling high value property and working with high profile people.

Your personal agent will support and work with you from the initial meeting, all the way through to the completion.

“At LUX, we will give you a new level of estate agency, a luxury service, with luxury marketing, for your luxury home.”

Your home is unique, complex and beautiful.

You want an agent who understands these complexities, appreciates its beauty and can market it to a standard that exemplifies its unique nature.

The same service that may have been adequate ten years ago, just won’t do today, not for you and not for your property.

Lux Your Home
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We hope you will accept our invitation and we look forward to an introduction.